For Newcomers

What to Expect in Worship

There are places where we bow to show reverence for Christ, and places where we kneel to humble ourselves before God. There are times we cross ourselves as a way of using our entire bodies to worship and remember Christ’s sacrifice.  We read ancient creeds and prayers together aloud to affirm our faith. You will notice that no two people do the same thing, so there is no “wrong” way!

Trust us, many people find this a bit intimidating at first, but later fall in love with the reverence of our ancient worship.


  1. Communion is the central part of the act of worship at Emmanuel.
  2. It was instituted by Christ as a memorial for his passion, death, and resurrection.
  3. Celebrating Communion renews and strengthens our union with Christ and our fellow Christians by making us members of the body of Christ.

About Communion

For Episcopalians, Holy Communion, also known as Holy Eucharist and the Lord’s Supper, is central to our worship. The music, the readings, the sermon and the fellowship are all there to prepare us to meet Christ at his table. We do this in obedience to the Bible’s portrayal of the early church’s practices. In Acts we see the disciples devoting themselves to “the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, the prayers, and the breaking of the bread,” which is Luke’s way of saying Communion, and they did so every time they gathered

Bread of Heaven, Body of Christ:  Hold out your hands cupped together like a bowl. A clergy person will come by first and give you bread that is the body of Christ.

Blood of Christ, Cup of our Salvation:  Then a person will come by with the Chalice. This is a little intimidating if you aren’t used to it, but very beautiful. You can gently hold the cup, and with the server, guide it up to your lips and take a small sip of the wine, or gently dip the bread in the chalice..

Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday Night during the school year is called our Family Night, and we have a supper at 6:15 PM. There is no charge for supper.  Afterward we have small groups for kids and adults.

For more info on Family Ministry, call or e-mail Beth Canaday, our Youth & Family Minister.

405-820-7737 cell or