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What is the Altar Guild?

A vital internal ministry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church is the Altar Guild, but so many in our Parish are unaware of the important work of this "back stage" group of incredible volunteers!

What does the Altar Guild Do?

The Altar Guild is a group of trained of volunteers that seek to serve Christ and His Church through quiet reverence, humble work, and prayerful community. The Altar Guild shares the load of preparing our Holy spaces to ensure that the High Altar and Lady Chapel Altar are properly set for every service each week, to bring both Word and Sacrament to the faithful.

What does that look like?

These volunteers help keep the church running in tip-top shape by and assisting parishoners in their opportunity to "worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness" by:

  • laundering and ironing the linens

  • maintaining cleanliness and quality of all vestments

  • polishing the silver and brass instruments of worship

  • preparing Lay Eucharistic Minister kits

  • changing votive candles and filling oil candles

  • attending regularly scheduled Saturday morning meetings

  • other tasks related to the altars & other elements of worship setting

Who can be a part of the Altar Guild?

The Altar Guild is made up of a team of persons in all walks and stages of life; you do need to have been confirmed in the Episcopal Church to participate. Linda is a retiree who makes sure the incense is stocked and ready for use and the brass & silver are polished. Caitlyn is a full-time working mom, and she helps pick up the altar and put things away after Sunday morning services. The duties and times you perform the work are flexible for many of the responsibilies. The altar guild is always happy to have new members!

If you’re interested in serving with the Altar Guild or would like to know more, reach out to one of our Sacristans:



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