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Recorded Services

Weekly Services

8:00 am
Quiet Spoken Service of Holy Eucharist


9:15 am
Classes for All Ages 
10:30 am
Hymns with Choir & Holy Eucharist 
This service is also streamed on Facebook Live

Nursery available 

during the 9:15 classes & 10:30 service

*Children's Chapel available at 10:30 am



5:30 pm
Choir Rehearsal
6:15 pm
Dinner in the Parish Hall
 7:00 pm
Classes for All Ages
 8:00 pm
Compline by Candle 


11:00 am

Rector's Reading Group

12:00 pm

Holy Eucharist (Rite II) in Lady Chapel


12:00 pm
 Holy Communion in Lady Chapel 1928 BCP

August - May

What to Expect

in worship services

There are places where we bow to show reverence for Christ, and places where we kneel to humble ourselves before God.

There are times we cross ourselves as a way of using our entire bodies to worship and remember Christ’s sacrifice.  We read ancient creeds and prayers together aloud to affirm our faith. You will notice that no two people do the same thing, so there is no “wrong” way!

Trust us, many people find this a bit intimidating at first, but later fall in love with the reverence of our ancient worship.

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