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Serita Bell

Parish Secretary

Serita was born and raised in Shawnee and at age 23 moved to Tulsa for 27 years.  Her two children attended Holland Hall School where Serita was the Publications Assistant for 10 years.

She attended several different colleges before finally getting an associate degree in Computer Programming at O.J.C. and a B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership from S.N.U..  She also has earned over 350 hours of continuing education credits from Landmark Education in Dallas.

Her various work experiences include opening up Shawnee’s first gymnastics school in 1974, working at Shawnee Public Schools, Oklahoma Baptist University, Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Willow Estate Planning in Corpus Christi, & managing Bill Brown’s private Jazz school in Tulsa.  At her last job she was the co-manager of the sales and marketing department for PracticePro Software Systems, Inc. in New York City.

Serita was invited to visit Emmanuel in 2014 and was attracted to the many ways Emmanuel gives back to the community.  She now calls Emmanuel home and is grateful for the opportunity to serve in the capacity of church secretary. In her spare time she plays pickle-ball, takes yoga & Pilates classes and spends lots of time shopping at health food stores.

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