A Short Note About Sunday Worship: July 31. 2021.

As most of you know I have been on vacation. Over the past few weeks I have done my best to avoid the news and with the exception of posting a few pictures I have avoided social media as well. Yesterday evening as we neared the border of Oklahoma I started checking emails and catching up on the news. Needless to say I wish I had waited until Monday morning. This is my third vacation in a row where upon my return the world seemed changed for the worse by Covid.

I write to ask for your grace and patience for me and for each other. This Sunday there will not be any official changes to our worship practice or routine. I have not had the time to read or absorb the new guidelines put out by the C.D.C. or to meet with our Wardens. At this moment I dont anticipate any big changes but I don't want to make a quick decision without all the information. I hope to communicate with you all again by the middle of this next week. This Sunday I encourage each of you to take whatever precautions you deem appropriate for you individually or for your family based on your own situations.

I am so tired of this. I know all of you are as well. I thought we had put the chaos of the last year and a half behind us. I want you to know that in the midst of many questions and unknowns I take comfort this morning in the collective wisdom of our parish. I know the people of Emmanuel care about each other and the well being of everyone in our congregation.

See you in church or online,

Fr. Tom +


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