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St. Teresa of Avila who wrote: "All difficulties in prayer can be traced to one cause: praying as if God were absent." Keating adds: “This is the conviction that we bring with us from early childhood and apply to everyday life and to our lives in general. It gets stronger as we grow up, unless we are touched by the Gospel and begin the spiritual journey. This journey is a process of dismantling the monumental illusion that God is distant or absent.”


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Last week I used this space to discuss the question “Why should I go to church?” There are other ways the question could be asked, but “going to church” is the phrase we typically use to describe atte

Why should I go to church? This is a common question. Ask your church going neighbors why they go to church and you will probably hear that they go to be fed, or be inspired. Thirty or forty years ago

The twelve days of Christmas have come and gone and Epiphany is here! This Sunday we celebrate the baptism of Jesus with four baptisms. After Easter, Epiphany is the oldest feast of the church. In the

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